How to check or palpate Rabbit for pregnancy

    First let's define palpation in rabbit
       This is the method use in determining pregnancy in rabbit after having bred to a buck. Palpation help breeders to know if the rabbit is undergoing gestation or not, than waiting the whole 28—32 days.
      When to palpate
  I know after you have bred ur doe with a buck you will like to check if the rabbit is pregbat. So to that you must palpate the rabbit, but note Palpation is usually carried out around day 10-12 in which at this time each baby is approximately the grape size. Unless a female rabbit (also called a doe) is carrying a large litter, she will not show any external signs of pregnancy. Using the palpation method, rabbit breeder "feels" the developing babies by gently pressing the skin on the abdominal wall of the doe. Rabbit kits will feel almost the size of grapes inside the abdominal cavity of the doe. Pregnant rabbit will require gradual increase in feed( rabbit pellet) in order to provide the additional nutrients for the developing kits. Do not palpate a pregnant rabbit if it's been more than 14 days since the rabbit bred. Doing so may cause damage to the developing fetuses.

        How to palpate
    The rabbit(doe) womb is divided into two horns. Both horns can contain babies. Don't press too hard while palpating in order not to injure her or her developing kits.
Follow the below outline to palpate your doe. You should palpate the rabbit with your dominant hand, the hand you write with, and hold it with your other hand. You should palpate your rabbit on a plane smooth surface such as a table.

     1. Gently hold the rabbit's ears and a flap of shoulder skin in your right hand. This will secure the upper portion of the rabbit's body.
     2. Hold the scruff , i.e the area of skin on the back of your rabbit’s neck, firmly.
     3. Place your other hand below the rabbit, gently griping towards the front of the abdomen.
     4. Gently and smoothly cradle and relax your hand feeling the space in the abdomen as you move it towards the back of the rabbit.
     5. Then you will feel things in the rabbit’s abdomen, the kits will always feel approximately the size of grapes, and fecal material will feel harder. Remember to not press too hard - you don't want to injure the kits. Within two weeks of conception, you should be able to feel the young rabbits inside the mother rabbit's abdomen. But knowing how to actually feel for the fetuses without injuring them takes some skill. This is merely a general guide, and if you are not a veterinarian or experienced animal breeder you should not attempt to palpate a pregnant rabbit on your own.
     With this, I believe you know a little bit about rabbit.


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