Terms Used in poultry

    Here are the terms used in Poultry

Cock                      — male fowl above one year of age.

Cockerel               — male fowl below one year of age

Hen                       — female fowl above one year of age.

Pullet                    — female fowl below one year of age.

Chick                     — A young fowl (0-6 weeks old).

Capon                     — A castrated male fowl.

Caponization.        — Process of castration in fowl.

Treading                — Act of mating in fowl.

Grower                    — fowl between 7–19 weeks of age.

Layer                       — female fowl over 20 weeks of age that can lay eggs.

Broiler                      — fowl reared for meat

Clutch                      — A group of young chicks.

Flock                       — A group of fowls.

Chicken                   — meat of fowl.

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