Californian Rabbit Characteristics & Full Breed Information

  Californian rabbit is a beautiful domestic breed. It is also known as California White . George West in Southern California developed this breed in the early 1920s. He developed the Californian rabbit by crossing Himalayan breeds and the Standard
Chinchilla rabbit breed, and then crossed the offspring with the New Zealand Whites. His purpose was to develop a good pet/show rabbit breed. But the Californian rabbit are most widely raised for their fur value and meat production. The breed was not popular after their development, and took at least 15 years to become popular. Today it is widely raised rabbit breed in the United States. Californian rabbit is a recognized breed by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Review characteristics, uses and full breed profile below.
Californian Rabbit Characteristics
The Californian rabbit is large in size with well rounded compact body. The color variety is usually white with spots and normally they don’t have any other color. Californians are very similar to the Himalayan in coloration with a white body and colored points. They have big ears, which are held erect. And have very dark brown markings (almost black) on their tail, nose, feet and ears. Their neck is very short, and they have pink eyes. They are very muscular, full in the shoulders and as deep as it is wide in the hindquarters. Their coat is soft and silky. Like most other rabbit breeds , the Californian does are also heavier than the bucks. On average, adult does weight up to 5.45 kg and bucks up to 4.9 kg. Photo from Wikipedia.
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Today the Californian rabbit is mainly raised for their fur value and also for meat production. It is a very suitable breed for commercial production. People also raise them as show rabbit and also as pets.
Special Notes
The Californian rabbit is an wonderful breed with very beautiful appearance. They are also wonderful as pets and have a very nice and easy-going temperament. They are very good natured animal, calm and friendly. They are very active and playful, enjoy playing and exploring. The Californian does are good mothers and they produce large litters of 8-12 kits. Although they were developed for the purpose of showing or raising as pets. But today they are mainly raised for fur and meat production. Review full breed profile of the Californian rabbit in the chart below.

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