Health Benefit of Quail Egg

                     QUAIL EGGS
Quail eggs are eggs obtained from the wild quail bird. It is midsized in shape. Quails are mainly found in North Africa, Europe, Southern United States, and some parts of Asia.Quails move quickly and can fly if the needed. Quail eggs are smaller compared to chicken and duck eggs, the egg shells have dots. The nutritional value of quail eggs includes; vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, etc
Let’s talk about the amazing and great benefit of quail egg here
   1. Good For Eyes
Eating quail eggs on a regular basis has a great benefit especially at improving eyesight and protecting eyes from damage.
This benefit of quail eggs is mainly because of the presence of antioxidants like “Vitamin A” in them. Vitamin A is a vital nutrient for our eyes and plays an important role in keeping them healthy.
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    2. Prevents Cough And Eases Asthma:
Quail eggs treat many conditions and are
effective in treating cough and asthma. Many ancient civilizations have used quail egg yolk to treat psoriasis and eczema. The beneficial qualities of quail eggs have seen them feature as a commercial product, with the latest being quail egg extract capsules .
   3. Reduces Risk Of Terminal Illnesses:
 Anybody that has a low potassium count, runs the risk of contracting conditions like high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease, stroke, cancer and digestive disorders among others. So, eat quail eggs to keep those potassium levels up. If quail eggs don’t sound too appetizing, consider eating quail egg extract capsules.
    4. Promotes Blood Formation:
Quail eggs are iron-rich. As u know Iron is an essential mineral, so it does not only boosts immunity, it also helps oxygenate your organs, tissues and other essential parts of the body. Iron also stimulates RBC formation, which boosts your blood health. Quail eggs contain potassium, which is beneficial for the blood.
     5. Boosts Immunity:
Quail eggs also help keep stomach disorders at bay. Quail eggs improve your body’s immune system. They also boost memory and increase brain activity. With their high iron content, quail eggs also help increase hemoglobin levels in your body. Quail eggs also rid your body of toxic compounds and metals that build up in the body.
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    6. Good For Growth
Consuming quail eggs on a regular and moderate basis have been found to be very beneficial for the overall development of our body.
This benefit of quail eggs is mainly because of the abundance of protein in them.
Protein is a vital compound required for the growth and development of our body.
Protein also plays a great role in the growth and the repair of the cells, worn out tissues, bones, muscles, blood vessels etc.
   7. Bone development
Quail egg is good for the development of bones. When we talk about bone,the first thing that comes to our mind is “Calcium”. Eating quail eggs on a regular basis have been found by researchers to be very beneficial for the development of bones, and for making them stronger, because of the presence of amino acid like “Lysine” in them.
 It plays an important and special role in the development of child bone.
In addition to this, other nutrients like iron, zinc, potassium etc. also plays a significant role in the development of our bones. Quail eggs also reduces the risk of osteoporosis by making our bones stronger, which is a condition caused by the weakening of bones.
   8. Improves Hair Quality:
Quail eggs are good for hair growth. Antioxidants present in the quail eggs protects hair and scalp from the oxidative damage that is caused by the free radicals and thereby reduces risk of premature graying of hair.The nutrients present in quail eggs straighten the hair, while making it shinier. Include quail eggs in your diet if you a strong and shiny hair. The nutrients in it also relaxes blood vessels of the scalp, improves blood circulation and thus promotes hair growth.
   9. Anti-Inflammatory:
Quail eggs are potent anti-inflammatory agents, which makes them an ideal food for anybody suffering from joint pains, chronic cough, and bronchitis. The anti-allergic tendency of quail eggs also boosts its anti-inflammatory characteristics.
   10. Good For People Allergic To Chicken Eggs:
 Quail eggs can be the perfect replacement for those that are allergic to Chicken eggs. Chicken egg can cause some reactions to those allergic to it, like excessive scratching, vomiting, stomach pain, and nausea. Quail eggs don’t cause allergies and have lesser allergens than chicken eggs. This anti-allergic benefit of quail eggs is due to the presence of ovomucoid protein in them.


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